Thursday, June 17, 2010

First 3 days of Vacation

Day 3

Swimming Night 2

LA Airport Day 1

Day 2

Flight number 2 - Day 1

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time Change & Travel

Suck!! So let me back up to Sunday where I spent all day packing and doing laundry when I should have been studying. I did study for maybe 10 minutes, but had way to many other things to do. Monday morning rolls around and I was able to sleep in till 6am, crazy I know. I took Raegan to daycare, and then went to my favorite place (Starbucks) for a cup of coffee and to study for my math final. I studied for about an hour and then headed over to Verizon to have them fix my phone. What I thought would take 15 minutes tops took over an hour. Apparently setting up ymail on my Droid is hard then it sounds!

11:30a and I drive over to Clark College to take my math final and to see if the Bookstore will buy back my English book. I pull into the parking lot and as always the row I park in has an empty parking space. I scored big time because people where driving around looking for a place to park! I walk inside and see the line for the Bookstore and then look at the clock, 25 minutes till my final, not enough time to stand in line. I walk down to my math class and talk with the people from my class outside the door for a few until the teacher shows up. I walk in and think here goes nothing! I took the final and the teacher graded it right there for me to see. I got a C on the final which is better then I thought I would do, and over all in the class I got a C. That is the best C I ever got! I am so happy to be done with that math class. The teacher was great, but the math sucked!

So after my math final I walk balk up to the bookstore and realize the line is super long, and I don't have time to stand in it. I see a girl from my math class almost to the front and start talking to her about the final. I ask her if she will see f they will buy my book back, while I went into the Bookstore to buy a book for next quarter. She gladly does that for me and brings me back $56! That paid for half of the book I was buying!! Why do college text books have to cost so damn much?

Alright on with the story. School is out for the next three weeks and I was heading to Hawaii. Monday night I was up till about 11:45, and Tuesday morning my mom got me up at 2:45a. We got to the airport just after 4:30a, and are first flight left Portland at 6am. We flew to LA where we had about a 2 hour layover before we got on are second flight, the longest of them all just over 5 hours. We landed in Maui and we were there for just over an hour before we got on are last flight from Maui to Kona. We landed in Kona around 3pm Hawaii time (6pm back home). Hello 12 hours of traveling with my mom and Raegan!! At the airport my aunt and uncle were there waiting for us, as they had just got off their flight 20 minutes before us. My uncle, Raegan and I wait my all of are luggage ( 10 bags total) while my mom and aunt get the rental car (it's a mini van).

So we get the van and head towards to condo. We get there and my mom asked me if I was getting out while they went in to check us in. I asked her if it would be quick and she says "yeah". She asked if I wanted her to leave the keys. I told her "NO I DON'T NEED THEM". Remember that line it will be important later. So no it wasn't quick and after being in the car for a little while I decided to get out so Raegan could run around outside, and so we could go see what was taking so long. I get out of the van and lock the doors because if I don't my mom will ask "did you lock the van?". After walking around and then inside my mom has us all checked in to the condo. We walk back to the car and my mom says "wheres the keys?" I said "I don't have them". We goes to open the van door and it's locked! Yeah that's my mom left the keys in the van when I told her not to, and I locked the door. Thank goodness for AAA!

After AAA came and we got the van open we unloaded all of the luggage and headed out to get some dinner. By this time its after 7pm Hawaii time (after 10p back home) and that is over 2 hours past Raegans bedtime. We went to dinner (Dennys) and then to Safeway to pick up a few things for breakfast. We get back to the condo around 9:30pm (12:30a back home). I gave Raegan a bath and put her to bed, where she fell asleep within 2 minutes, and I was asleep about 15 minutes after her.

This morning I rolled over to see what time it was because my body was awake and the clock said 3:30a (6:30a back home)! I thought about getting up for a quick second and then rolled back over and went back to sleep where I slept till 6:30a Hawaiian time. What a long day yesterday was, but being able to sit out on the back porch this morning drinking a cup of coffee and writing this blog is so nice!

Day 2 in Hawaii should be better than day 1!

Monday, June 7, 2010

In eight days

Raegan, my mom, and I will be up at the wee hours of the morning heading to the airport to go spend 13 days in Hawaii. I have been waiting 10 weeks for this vacation. As Spring quarter comes to an end all I can think about is Hawaii. After today I have 3 more days left of class. Last Thursday I finished everything for my typing class. Today I finished my proof reading & spelling class, and this afternoon I will finish my English class. This will just leave me with taking my English final which is a take home test that I will get today, my spelling test which I will take on Wednesday, and my math class which I will take a test this Thursday and next Monday I will take my final.

Raegan is doing so well. She is running around this house talking all the time. She cant make a sentence yet, but she knows so many words. She knows peoples names, she sings part of the alphabet efg and tuv, she also signs twinkle twinkle little star. She can sign milk, more, all done, please and thank you. She is starting to learn her colors, so far she knows and can say pink, red, and orange. I cant leave out the fact that 98% of the last 3 weeks Raegan has got up in the morning with a dry diaper. I am going to start potty training her when we get back from Hawaii!

Alright this college mom has to get back to studying.... 3 more days left!!!!

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