Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back in the hospital

As the nurse put it "Raegan is a repeat customer" at the hospital. Raegan had not had gone poop for a few days so I took her to the doctor and they send me to OHSU so they could do a CT scan and see if Raegans shunt was working. The shunt is working, but she has an infection, so they just her back to surgery to take out the internal shunt and place and external shunt until the infection is gone and then she will have surgery to have the internal shunt placed back in. I am guessing Raegan will have to be here for about 3 weeks. If she comes back home sooner that will be great. We will stay here as long as it takes for her to feel better. Well I will post another blog later on today when Raegan is out of surgery and let everyone know how she did.

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