Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tulip Fest

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Ashley said...

How cute is she!!!!

Oh my heck, I feel like an IDIOT!!! I just saw your comment and I am so sorry I have not back to you sooner!

It is funny, I was just telling my mom about Raegan and how big and well she is doing. I said I wish y'all lived closer so we could actually get together and do stuff- play dates, coffee and pictures- lots of pictures! I feel a "real" connection to you too, like we were REALLY great friends in a past life.

That would be so AWESOME if we could get together if y'all came this way! We live in South Jordan, right outside of Salt Lake (they don't call them suburbs here like in Florida). You'll have to tell me when it gets closer, if it's not super far away I'll totally drive to meet up :o)

Sorry, it took so long to write, I really did not see your comment!

Ashley xoxo


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