Saturday, August 30, 2008

38 weeks

So if I was still pregnant I would be 38 weeks. It is still crazy to me that I had Raegan already. I have been watching the last 2 months of my pregnancy on the outside. We are lucky that things are going so good.

Raegan is really taking off and gaining some weight. She put on 6oz this week, putting her up to 3 lbs 6 oz. She has now doubled her birth weight. I am so proud of her she has over come so much. This week Raegan went for an MRI and a MRA. Both came back showing there was no blockage in her brain, which is good. I am glad to have those done and know that things in her head look good. The ventricules have shrank in size from 1.4 on the left side and 1.5 on the right to .7 on both sides. The doctors haven't been taking and spinal fluid from Raegans shunt this week. The few times they have tried nothing came out. They will do another head ultra sound on Monday to see if they should take off some fluid or not. This week we started working with a speech therapist to try to get Raegan to eat better from a bottle. It takes her a while to wake up and get interested in taking the bottle. We are hoping that with the help of the speech therapist Raegan will take off and eat most feeding from a bottle. So speaking of feedings they have increased Raegans feedings from 26ml to 28ml, hoping this next week to go to 30ml. Lets see what else happened this week. Raegan had another eye exam, and things still look good. They will do another eye exam in two weeks. We moved yesterday to another room in the NICU, it was a big step. Raegan is now what they call a feeder/grower. So for now things are going really well. Not sure when she is going to come home, but I am thinking maybe in 3-4 weeks.

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