Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh so busy

Playing in the bathtub

I can't believe it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, this month has gone by so fast. Before I forget, I hope every one has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. We are going to my parents house tomorrow, I can't wait to eat some yummy food. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I can never get enough turkey and pumpkin pie.... oh wait and eggnog. Speaking of eggnog, for all of you eggnog lovers you should try an eggnog latte at Starbucks, they are really good. So Raegan has been home just over a month and nothing major has happened which is great. These days no news is always good news. Alright here is the run down on what has gone on this last month. Raegan came home on the 22nd of October. We took back Raegans apnea monitor when we got home because she no longer needed it. Raegan did have to come home on a new medication- Zantac which helps her to not spit-up so much. Raegan did have to go to the doctors on November 7th to get medication for a very minor case of thrush. Thrush is an infection in the mouth that you can get from being on antibiotics for a long period of time. So after a few days on the medication the infection was gone. Lets see what else....

Well I think I will just make a list of things about Raegan:
  • Her weight is up to 7lbs 5oz
  • Her length is 18 7/8 inches
  • She is still in preemie clothes, but wearing some newborn clothes even though most of them are way to big for her.
  • She is smiling a lot more
  • A few nights she has slept 8 hours!!!!!
  • The Dogs seem to like Raegan...
  • Raegan could careless about the dogs at this point, but when she is older I know that she will like the doggies.
  • She enjoys taking a bath
  • Raegan loves to go shopping (she sleeps the whole time).
Thats all I can think of for now. The new news for today is we went to go meet with a feeding team at Legacy Emanual Children's Hospital. I sat in front of about 8 people and they asked me questions about Raegan, looked over her and then they watched me feed her. Feeding has always been an issue for Raegan. They noticed that she doesn't pull her tongue out as far as she should while she is eating causing her to not have a very good suck. We also talked about Raegan's weight gain, or lack there of. They gave me a new mix combination for the breast milk and neosure powder to increase it to 25 calories per ounce. I am hoping that this will help Raegan is gain weight a little faster. The doctors told me that they would like to see her gaining between one and two pounds a month. We will meet with the feeding team again in January so they can see if Raegan has made any progress.

Keeping up with the different doctors and Raegans doctors appointments has become a full time job in itself. I am hoping after we get through this first year the doctors appointments will slow down, and I am sure they will.

For now things are going great and we are happy to have Raegan at home, and for all the NICU staff that read this, we miss you guys.

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