Friday, September 26, 2008

First day home

Raegan has been home for 24 hours now. I can't believe it. Wait, I can, I was up all night. Being a parent to a child that has been in the hospital since birth is different than being a parent to a child who is at home. Baby in hospital = sleep, baby at home = no sleep. I can't wait until Raegan sleeps through the night. I am sure that will be a while from now. We have to wake her at least every 4 hours to eat. She has to eat 180ml every 12 hours (and in the hospital that would say 180ml Q12). Raegan did come home with a feeding tube (I had to learn how to put that in before she came home, it was not so bad), but we are hoping that she will start eating more by mouth and we can take the feeding tube out soon. Raegan also came home with a monitor. It lets us know if her heart rate drops, or goes to fast. This doesn't happen very often, maybe once every few days, but they just want to make sure that she stops having spells before she stops wearing it.

So any ways on to things here at home. The dogs have been great with Raegan. They come check her out when she cry's. I am sure the dogs are tired from being up some much last night. One of the dogs, Sayde, laid on our bed and leaned her head into the bassinet and just watched Raegan sleep. I wish I would have had the camera.

Well Raegan is just starting to wake up from her nap. It's time to eat. I will post more pictures later on tonight, or sometime tomorrow.


Julie Cramer said...

Congradulatin Cyndi & Aaron
We are all so glad she is finally home. Enjoy every wonderful minute, including the ones in the middle of the night.

All our love,
Carl, Julie, Grandpa and Grandma and Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations :)

I hope you aren't stressing too much about getting things done and just focusing on her and sleep!!!




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