Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Friday

               A very girly color that almost all women adore is Pink. Every woman should have a pair of pink high heels or flats in her shoe collection. Pink heels and flats are a very fashionable and a feminine choice! What’s so amazing about pink heels and flats, it's that they never go out of fashion. Pink heels and flats will continue to be stylish forever! You can find so many feminine styles of pink heels and flats. You can find high heels, low heels, wedges, and flats all in pink. Ladies, depending on what style of heels you prefer, you’ll find them. Pink heels and flats can be strappy, closed toe, peep-toe, platformed etc. Strappy pink heels are most suitable for dressy events such as a party or wedding. Pair these gorgeous pink strappy heels with a glamorous white or crème dress. For a formal or casual event such as gathering, you can choose simple chic closed or peep-toe heels. If you love detailed shoes, pink heels and flats can be found with bows, flowers, metal accents, and more. Pink heels and flats just give your outfit a pop of color that will make you stand out. They’re more feminine and fun than regular or typical black and white heels. Advice, pink heels and flats look the best with jeans, white bottoms, or maybe even a silver dress!

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