Friday, February 17, 2012

48 days in

We are only 48 days in to 2012 and so much has happened. I came back from sunny SoCal on January 1st from a good vacation with the family. Disneyland was fun, but not really Raegan's cup of tea. I think she would enjoy Sea-world, or the LA Zoo better. One of these days in the near future I will get to take her there.

January was a struggle, still looking for a job (crossing my fingers I get the job I interviewed for at Providence. Should know something in a few days. I hope!), and trying to figure out school. How the heck is one to get by with a job, or student loans. Thankfully God never let me down and he provided so Raegan and I could make it through the month. You just have to cut out all the fun events, and stick to the birthday parties, spending time a church, an d going to a wedding.

Friends of mine that I play soccer with every week invited Raegan and I to their son's birthday party a few weeks back. Raegan had a blast playing the kids, riding the 4 wheeler, and I enjoyed holding their new baby girl.

Yes I do get baby fever from time to time, but no I'm not having any more. I will borrow other peoples and then give them back. So if any one is ever looking for a sitter let me know I can always use a baby fix. 

I have been spending a lot of time at church. I am so blessed to have found such a great church. The pastors at church have such powerful messages, the church is filled with great leaders and mentors. Being at Living Hope Church as help me grow leaps and bounds in this last year. I went on my first mission trip to Joplin last July, I came back and became the only female on the church's security team, and I have also been a table leader for the Thursday night bible study Serious Coffee. You can say I have become a church junkie, and was even called a Jesus freak by a friend of mine last week. Both of those things are not a bad thing. God has been good to me, and the least I can do is give back to him by volunteering at church, and learning more about him. I feel like I can never get enough of him. It also makes me feel good that Raegan asks to go to church and loves being there as well. She makes friends with everyone. Her personality and smile touches all of those who see her.

What else... Well I am super excited my good friend got married the last weekend in January. I am so glad that I was able to be there for their special day. Her and I met a few years back while going through a divorce recovery program that was offered though my old church. We took our unfortunate circumstances as a blessing of long lasting friendship. We have both had our fair share of ups and downs over the last few years, but God has provided for both of us, and the future shall be bright.

 143 ~~~~>

On to February, well not much changed from January. Raegan and I did make a trip up to Seattle for Super Bowl Sunday to visit some friends and see their new baby (who is super cute). I took a bunch of baby clothes up to her, glad that Raegan's old baby clothes could go to a good home. Again I am blessed, Raegan did great in the car on the way up and back. It's a lot of driving for a 3 year old in one day. Guess all the traveling we have done in the past has paid off!  

Valentines Day was a good one this year. My love sent me a package which Raegan and I went to the mailbox to get. She was excited we got a package and when we got home and opened it. This is what was in it:
Pink Toms, which I love. As I pulled them out of the box Raegan had a big smile on her face and said "Ooooo new shoes for me". I quickly said "No those are mine". She then took them and tried them on thinking I was crazy for telling her they were mine. I told her that the shoes were a Valentines day present, and that I would try to find her a pair of her own. I have worn them a few times this week and each time not only do I get compliments on them from everyone, but Raegan asks me when she can have pretty shoes like mom. So today while out at Ross I happen to find these: 
Raegan doesn't know that they aren't Toms and they were only $7.99. Yay me!!! I found shoes like mine, and I didn't have to pay the price. Though my Toms are worth every penny my wonderful boyfriend spent :) Mommy and little red and excited to rock our shoes out on the town together.

The adventures of Red and Little Red will continue on one day at a time, and I love everyday I have Little Red. She is a great joy in my life.

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