Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 11

11 days at hotel OHSU! I am starting to really hate hospital food. There are a few things that aren't bad, but the rest sucks. I asked the doctor today if once a day I could walk down stairs and get lunch or dinner. They told me that I had to be monitored for 20 minutes before and if things look good I could go. So tomorrow lets hope things look good so I can have a good meal.

I went over and had an ultra sound today. They said the blood flow looks a little worse than it did on Monday. So I get to go over again tomorrow and have another ultra sound. The good news from today's ultra sound is that Raegan gained weight. She went from 1.4 to 1.5 in 11 days. The doctors didn't think she would gain any weight. I know it's not much at all for her size, but I will take any weight gain.

So I thought I would also fill you in on a normal babies weight so you can compare Raegan to a normal baby. Most babies at 28 weeks weight about 2-3 lbs. Once a baby gets to 32 weeks they will start putting on about half a pound a week. So between 28 and 32 weeks they gain about .25 pounds a week.

We keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow they give us another day. I would like to stay pregnant as long as I can. All I can do is stay positive, and that is what I will do. We know when she comes she will be in good hands.

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