Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures from my room

I thought I would share a few pictures that have been taken this week from my room here at the hospital. Enjoy!

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Mt Hood from OHSU tram platform IMG_6439

The Fragile One
(This is the comment that Aaron wrote under the picture when he posted it to flickr ~

"It is 3:43 am. I am sitting in a hospital room at OHSU while my wife sleeps, I can here the beating heart of my baby girl who is not due until September 13th. They have our baby on a heart monitor to listen to the beating to make sure her heart is beating properly. There is a fear that we may have to deliver early due to irregularities in the heart beat.

For the last 2 nights I have sat in this hospital room and listened to the sound of my baby girl. Tonight, I got out and walked around the grounds and I found this sculpture in the courtyard. I have never been a fan of sculptural art, but this one caught my attention. It is beautiful. It is a mother rabbit carrying her baby. The expression conveyed on the mom shows so many emotions. The desperation of knowing there is something wrong with your child and the hope that everything will be alright.

These are feelings I am having right now. I am tired and I still have hope.")

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