Monday, December 1, 2008

Big weekend

Raegan sticking her tongue out.

Dr. Rocco showed Raegan how to stick her tongue out when she was still in the NICU. She now smiles when she does it.
Thank you Rocco =)

Raegan has had a big weekend!!! She has found her hand and now sucks on her hand and thumb. It is very cute to watch. I also spent 4 hours this weekend doing laundry and hanging clothes up.... why you ask.... Raegan has grown out of preemie clothes and is now in newborn. Newborn is still a little big for her, but we make due by rolling the pants and sleeves.

Today Raegan got her first shower and loved it. She just watched the water come down from the shower head, and she kicked her feet as the water fell on her. It was very cute. I think Raegan is going to be like her daddy... spend as long as they can in the shower/bath!!!

1 comment:

Rocco said...

She was a quick study. Wait until she starts telling you what I told her about Boys and talking on the phone all night long!


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