Sunday, December 7, 2008


I am almost afraid to say it, if I do will it stop happening? I guess I will just say it for the last 4 days Raegan has slept through the night! She eats around 6:30p-7:00p then she will take a nap till about 10:00-10:30, then she eats again and goes to bed. She will then sleep for 6-10 hours getting up between 6:00a-9:00a. It has been really nice. The only thing we worry about is that if she doesn't get up in the middle of the night is she getting enough calories. We went to see Dr. Vaughn on Friday and she said that Raegan needs to eat at least 13oz a day to get enough calories. I will do the math for you 1oz = 25 calories, 13oz = 325 calories. I am hoping that we can keep her eating the much and maybe get her to eat more. Raegan has always had a hard time with feeding, but with the help of the doctors we are figuring out the issues and working on them. Our goal is to get Raegan gaining 1-2 pounds a month. This last month Raegan only gained 8.5oz and she did not gain any length staying at 19in.

On Thursday at the mom's group I go to at Legacy Salmon Creek the guest speaker talked about car seat safety. We talked about how long a baby should be rear facing and most people think 20lbs or 1 year. I asked if they can sit rear facing for longer than that, because Raegan might be 2 or 3 years old before she hits 20 pounds. The lady said that baby's can sit rear facing up to 35 pounds. The other thing we talked about was booster seats and how long a child should use one. Again most people think 100 pounds or 8 years of age. They lady said that you need to be at least 4'9" to not have to sit in a booster seat. I said well if it is 100 pounds or 4'9" then Raegan might be going to get her drivers license and still in a booster. Everyone in the room laughed.

When people talk about their child growing out of things, I always joke about how long it will take Raegan to grow out of things. When people talk about how they hope they get their moneys worth when they buy something. We get our moneys worth and some. There are nice things about having a child that grows really slow. I am always finding a way to make a not so great situation a positive situation.

So I will leave you with a great idea I just though of while typing. I am going to start walking around with penny's in my pocket, and every time some one stops to ask me how Raegan is or if they comment on how small she is for her age, I will move a penny to the other pocket and when I get home I will put the penny's in a jar. Then when Raegan gets older she can see how much attention she got, and she may just be rich! So with that thought have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

I know the fear you are talking about. When my little one began sleeping all night, I still lifted him out of the bed and gave him 2 oz halfway through the night. The sucking seemed to be reflex and it did not wake him up at all.

Meanwhile, I added 1/2 ounce to his daytime feeds until he was taking enough by day to get his calories. I was them able to stop the middle of the night feed and he never missed it.



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