Monday, December 15, 2008


Oh my is it cold... 21* outside, but I am sure for those of you who live in the Portland/Vancouver area you are aware of this. So the reason for this post isn't for everyone that is reading it now, but it is for Raegan. For those of you who don't know already I am going to take all of my blog posts and turn them into a book to give to Raegan. Some people scrapbook, but I just can't get in to that, so I am blogging. When I started blogging I knew it would be for Raegan, but it has also become a great way for people who don't see Raegan very often to keep up dated on how she is doing.

Any how, I just wanted to tell Raegan that yesterday was her first snow. It was really cold outside, so we just watched it snow from the window. Mommy was waiting for it to snow more before I bundle you up to take you outside to see the snow. Yesterday there was just a light dusting of snow, not enough to cover the ground. Watching the news, all the towns around us had snow, but not here in Vancouver. I am watching the news now, and lets hope the news man is right and we get snow later this week. Not that you can play outside in it, but Mommy and Daddy want to build you a snowman.

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