Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Eye Exam

Raegan had her first eye exam and she had her hair brushed for the first time today. It was a big day. She did really good with the eye exam, she didn't even cry. She will have another eye exam in a few weeks to make sure her eyes are on track. So far so good, but it is still to early to tell if there will be any vision problems.

Today while I was holding her we took her hat off and I got to brush her hair. She loved it. Her hair is getting longer and more red. I can't wait tell she is older and has long red hair. My little peanut is getting so big.

So Raegan's weight is now 2 lbs 5 oz. Her feedings are up to 14cc's. She was given Lasix a water pill for her edema, which is almost nonviable. She lost 4.5 oz of water from the medicine. She feels much better. Today she kept taking her c-pap out of her nose. They also turned her c-pap down, hoping that she will move to the nasal cannula in a few days.

She has been doing so well, and her feedings are going really good, I am hoping that she will be moved closer to home in the next few weeks.


Erin said...

Look at the little toe! She is so beautiful! But the feet ! AWWWWWWWWWWW!

ambara said...

She is really going in the right direction! I hope she continues and comes closer to home soon.

Keeroff said...

I saw your blog from flickr.
I really hope everything goes great for Raegan!
and she will come home with you soon :)


Anonymous said...

Love the foot shot :)

I hope all is well :)




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