Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Day 11: Describe 10 pet peeves you have

1. I wish everyone would signal when they change lanes on the freeway. I have a mini heart attack every time someone swerves into another lane without signaling. I don't know if they have fainted at the wheel, lost control of the car, or are simply being irresponsible.

2. I hate it when people share super personal things on facebook. It just makes me feel awkward. Some things are better kept to yourself friends.

3. When people do not use the shoulder to make a right hand turn, they slow to an almost complete stop in the middle of the road, causing a huge back up behind them.

4. When people complain about something profusely that they could easily remedy, but instead do nothing but continue to complain. If the dirty dishes bother you, just do them. Don't whine about it for hours, be proactive! Also, I really hate it when people complain about things that they should be grateful for even having in the first place. "The City should really do something about this tap water, it tastes a little off". Don't take that tap water for granted, in some countries people drink out of puddles for lack of clean running water.

5. People who don't respect others. Whether in person, or online, it is not ok to treat others badly simply because you disagree with them.

6. People who like to bring their political views into each and every conversation. Just stop people, Quit trying to start arguments!

7. Having a conversation that is one-sided.  If you are going to ask me questions, please listen to my answers.  Same goes for if you want to have a conversation but all you do is talk the whole time.  Just give me a heads up if I'm just there to listen.  I'm fine with that.  But I get annoyed when I go into it thinking it's a mutual discussion where you care just as much about hearing my thoughts and feelings as I care about yours.

8. While driving, when someone unknowingly has their blinker on for miles upon Miles upon MILES. 

9. Kids with dirty faces. Parents it's not that hard to wash your child's face, don't let them walk around like that. You don't walk around with a dirty face.

10. People who wear white socks with dark color dress pants. Please wear black socks, or no socks at all!

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