Sunday, April 8, 2012


Day 8: What are 5 passions you have?


PEOPLE: I love people. I am very much a people person and love meeting and getting to know people past the superficial "hi, how are you stage".  I truly believe you can learn something from everyone, and it is a goal in my life to do just that.

ADVENTURE- I have a passion for getting out there and exploring. I enjoy new places and spaces. I am always up for a road trip or a spontaneous day out. I have dreams of where I'd love to travel, but I also love all the little spots that hold secret treasures you have to search out, those usually end up being the best!

FRIENDS & FAMILY- Because they aren't just people, but people that I keep the closest to me. People who know me well know I don't get rid of friends and certainly don't give up on them. Sometimes it may backfire or hurt trying to keep every friend I ever made, but "if I make errors in judging people, I want them to be on the side of mercy."  I love being able to smile and laugh and share inside jokes be able to go through both good and bad times, it just makes you all the stronger. Friends are an important part of my life. 

 I love my family and thank goodness they're stuck with me forevermore. There is nothing that I'd want to go through without them. They mean the absolute world to me.

VOLUNTEERING:  Ever since I was little girl I have always loved to volunteer. Giving my time, and sharing with others is so self gratifying. I have volunteered at nursing homes, schools, the zoo, my church, for the March of Dimes, wherever I am needed I lend a helping hand.

LIFE:  Enjoy it, it wont last forever


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