Friday, April 27, 2012

God Knows I'm Tough

Having a long distance relationship is sure rough. When you want nothing more to come home and curl up on the couch, share a kiss, and spend quality time together. Awwww I miss him. I more than enjoyed having my love up here visiting last month, but the more time we spend together the harder it is to go without him. I can say the we are perfecting our communication skills. Though things are not perfect, he is perfect for me. When I try to make things harder than they need to be, he lets me get all emotional and then calms me down by helping me realize things will be ok. Trusting each other is big in a long distance relationship, and he never lets me down. He helps me to work on my being patient skills! Sometimes I just want it (whatever it may be at the moment) and he tells me it will all be worth it if I wait, and it will happen. We both found love when we weren't looking, and he was worth the wait.

My time here in the PNW is quickly coming to an end, with a new chapter in my life starting in SoCal. September will be here before I know it. So many things left do here before I move, so many places and things I want to enjoy. I know that I wont be gone forever, as I will always be back to visit, but it wont be the same once I move. I will admit I am excited and scared of the big move, but I know I am a strong woman and will do just fine. I have a brave and happy little girl that has no problem adjusting. She, just like her my will make friends without a problem. I have come to realize that her and I just have something about ourselves that we draw people to us.

When I first told my mom about dating someone who lived in SoCal she thought I was crazy, and thought it was a bad idea (She still may thing the same thing). She and my brother got to meet my love when we went to Disneyland in December. Good news... They both approved! When I mentioned to my mom maybe she should move back to Cali, she she no way, its too hot. A few months later, my mom has changed her mind. She is giving thought to living in SoCal. Who knows when or if it will ever it happen. But I think it would be a good change of pace for her and I.  My mom, Raegan, and I in SoCal... who would have ever thought!

I will however miss my "family" and friends here in the PNW once I move, but I know I always have a place to stay when I come back up here, and are all welcome to come stay with me and visit SoCal.

I first heard this song this past weekend at my good friends wedding. I came home and listened to it a few times, and the more times I played it the more I felt like this song fits for my love and I. 
I wont give up on us, and I am giving you all my love. 


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