Monday, April 2, 2012


Day 2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

1. Falling. Plain and simple I am afraid to fall. Doesn't matter its out the curb, or from 100ft up. Funny thing is I don't fear heights. I like being up high and seeing everything.

2. Spiders, snakes, bugs, things the crawl. This is self explanatory, they are all gross and creepy.

3. Dying young. I want to grow old and be able to fully live life. Seeing my dad die at 56 I realized I need to live life now and enjoy everyday. I want to being to see Raegan grow up, get married, have her own kids. Though whenever my time may be I will be able to go with no regrets and saying that I have truly enjoyed my life.

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